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From the very beginning, Sai Travel Agency has been committed to delivering exceptional, tailor-made travel solutions to our valued customers. Through years of hard work and dedication, we’ve built up a wealth of tools, resources, and expertise that enable us to excel in our field. Our unwavering focus on professionalism and personalisation has allowed us to achieve great success within the industry, earning us a reputation as a trusted provider of top-quality travel services.

For over 30 years, Sai Travel Agency has been providing exemplary travel services and has established itself as one of the finest travel agencies in Ethiopia. Our extensive range of tour packages is designed to cater to all your travel needs and interests.

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Sai Travel Agency, which was founded in Dire Dawa in 1992 GC, is one of Ethiopia’s largest and longest-standing travel agencies. In 1994 GC, it received its accreditation from the International Air Transport Association (IATA).


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Our team of experienced travel experts has extensive knowledge and expertise in the travel industry, ensuring that you get the best deals and personalized service tailored to your needs.


Medical Travel Package

We prioritize your health and well-being above all else. That’s why we have carefully selected the top hospitals in Turkiye to ensure that you receive the best possible medical care.


Educational Travel Package

As a leading education consultancy, we have established partnerships with the top government and private universities across Turkiye. We offer a wide range of educational programs that suits you best.


Umrah Package

We provide a comprehensive Umrah package that includes everything you need for a hassle-free pilgrimage. Our package covers visa assistance, handling of international and domestic flights, booking of hotels and much more.


Honeymoon Package

Congratulations on your honeymoon! Turkiye is a beautiful destination, with a rich history and culture, stunning scenery, and delicious food. It’s the perfect place to celebrate your love and start your life together. With our helicopter tours, see Turkiye from the sky and experience breathtaking views.


We have everything you need to know about Turkiye, where to travel and tourism, learning, medical treatments and much more all at your fingertips.

Leisure Travel

Planning an unforgettable vacation for your children is easy with the right preparation. Let us take care of everything when you choose to travel to Turkiye. With our expertise, we will tailor activities and destinations based on your children's ages and interests. Turkiye boasts a plethora of amusement parks, zoos, game zones, and other entertainment venues suitable for family fun. Allow us to surprise you with a remarkable vacation experience in Turkiye.

Business Consultancy

Turkiye is renowned for producing a wide variety of high-quality machinery and products, which are sold at reasonable prices. As a travel agency based in Turkiye, Sai has a team with extensive experience in selecting the best products to offer our customers. Whatever your needs may be, we will provide you with multiple options that meet your desired quality standards and competitive pricing requirements

Turkiye is a European country, an Asian country, a Middle Eastern country, a Balkan country, a Caucasian country, a neighbor to Africa, Black Sea country, Caspian Sea, all these.

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Sai Travel Agency is the perfect destination for those looking to explore the world! We have a wide variety of travel packages to offer, ranging from medical, educational, umrah and honeymoon packages.

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